Ourselves and Others (Scotland 1832 - 1914)

Ourselves and OthersGraeme Morton

Paperback 298 pages,
Edinburgh University Press, 2012
ISBN 978-0-7486-2049-4

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What did it mean to be a Scot in an age marked by the movement of people and the flow of information?

This volume is a blended history of the Scots in a period of major transformation during the industrial era from 1832 to 1914. Examining Scottish society through the lens of modernity, Graeme Morton charts the interplay of social change within Scotland and the relentless eddy of historical developments home and away.

Where previous histories of this period have focused on industry, this book takes a closer look at the people who helped to innovate and forge the Scottish nation through technology and opportunity. In the homeland and from a distance, identity was a key element in explaining industrial Scotland, as cultural and societal innovations were melded in this foundry of a confident and self-determined nation.