Family Trees

Family TreeOur extended family is spread around the world from Scotland to England, Canada, Australia, South Africa and Hong Kong.

If you're on our family tree then you can view the charts which have been drawn with respect to the individuals listed below, who were all born in Scotland on the dates shown.

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Note: For privacy reasons, the Family Tree diagrams are only available to people actually on the tree itself!

Update Form

We are currently updating our Family Tree records. If you are descended from one of the people listed above, please contact us so we can update your details and send you a personalised version of your part of the family tree. We'll also supply you with a username/password so you can access the main tree charts listed above.

To update your details we'll ask you to complete an information form. You can download one by clicking here (word document).

A Cinder Glows

A Cinder GlowsPart of our family history can be found in this book, A Cinder Glows, by Mary Morton. It's available through Amazon (click the picture for details) and describes a troubled family life in Scotland after the First World War.

Mary Morton
Hardback edition 192 pages,
Eric Dobby Publishing, 1993
(Originally published 1989)
ISBN 1858820006