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Sudwala Caves
Title: Sudwala Caves
Description: The Sudwala Caves, near the Kruger National Park are a complex of caverns with many stalagmites and stalactites. Some of the caverns are so large that musical recordings have been made in the caves. This view shows the main entrance. They have also been used as a location in films such as 'Creatures the World Forgot' (1971).
Date: February 1986
Sudwala Caves - Echo Rock
Title: Sudwala Caves- Echo Rock
Description: This is Echo Rock, a warning rock as used by Zulus.
Date: February 1986
Sudwala Caves - Screaming Monster
Title: Sudwala Caves - Screaming Monster
Description: Despite the poor picture, you can just make out the claw-like top of the Screaming Monster rock, made of Calcium Carbonate. For a clearer view visit the gallery on the Official Site.
Date: February 1986
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