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Zoo - Animal Show
Title: Zoo - Animal Show
Description: Singapore Zoo is world renowned for its natural approach to animal care which includes natural barriers between the various enclosures, inclduing the use of water and rock features instead of cages. It also cares for many endangered species with special focus on Orang Utans where one of the largest colonies in the world is housed. Here the daily Animal Show gives the monkeys time to show off.
Date: December 1986
Zoo - Giraffe
Title: Zoo - Giraffe
Description: A fine selection of Giraffe can be found amongst the trees.
Date: December 1986
Zoo - Polar Bears
Title: Zoo - Polar Bear
Description: Polar Bears find it a bit cooler in the water.
Date: December 1986
Zoo - Rhino
Title: Zoo - Rhino
Description: Feeding time at the Rhino enclosure.
Date: December 1986
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