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Title: Monorail
Description: Sentosa is Singapores Island Resort and was a military base until 1970. It combines a south sea island with historic sights from World War II. A Monorail connects the main sights around the island. Here it is seen at Fort Siloso station.
Date: December 1986
Monorail - Singapore View
Title: Monorail - Singapore View
Description: There are excellent views from the Monorail, such as the view over Keppel Harbour towards the World Trade Centre.
Date: December 1986
Singapore from Sentosa
Title: Singapore from Sentosa
Description: This view from the Cable Car linking Sentosa with the mainland shows the Monorail track snaking around the island with the tower of the city in the background. The island is also linked by ferries seen on the left.
Date: December 1986
Swimming Lagoon
Title: Swimming Lagoon
Description: Sentosa caters for holidaymakers with sandy beaches, swimming lagoons, a golf course and hotels - almost on top of the equator. This view shows the lagoons on the west side of the island.
Date: December 1986
Title: Beaches
Description: Island life is easy on Sentosa.
Date: December 1986
Fort Siloso
Title: Fort Siloso
Description: Fort Siloso is a former British fort, over 100 years old. Its worth visiting for the underground tunnels, cannons, bunkers and barracks. This view west shows the many parked ships awaiting entry to Keppel Harbour as a tourist Junk passes by. For the view from the Junk, visit here. The historic sites on Sentosa include the Pioneers of Singapore exhibition and the Surrender Chambers. Here the British surrendered to the Japanese in 1942 with the reverse occurring in 1945.
Date: December 1986
Ferry Terminal
Title: Ferry Terminal
Description: This view shows the new combined ferry and Monorail terminal under construction. You can see a Monorail train in the station.
Date: December 1986
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