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Clifford Pier
Title: Clifford Pier
Description: Clifford Pier is the starting point for boat trips around the coast and to the offshore islands. The pictures on this page are all taken from boats on a tour around Marina Bay, the Straits of Singapore and Keppel Harbour towards the Island of Sentosa. In the distance are the high buildings of Raffles City.
Date: November 1986
City View from Marina Bay
Title: City View from Marina Bay
Description: A view of the city from Marina Bay, just south of Clifford Pier.
Date: November 1986
Old Heart of the City
Title: Old Heart of the City
Description: A rare view of the city without any skyscrapers! As seen from Marina Bay, the post office, cricket ground and Supreme Court form the old heart of the city.
Date: November 1986
Marina Bay
Title: Marina Bay
Description: The old and new worlds come together at Marina Bay. Here the traditional boats sit in the bay with newly built hotels in the distance on their base of reclaimed land. The main road on the right crosses the Benjamin Shears Bridge.
Date: November 1986
Marina Bay Panorama
Title: Marina Bay Panorama
Description: This panoramic view from the Staits of Singapore, just outside Marina Bay, shows the major areas of the city from the central area on the left to Raffles City on the right.
Date: November 1986
Keppel Harbour
Title: Keppel Harbour
Description: Keppel Harbour, with its massive container terminals is a major force in the economy of Singapore.
Date: November 1986
World Trade Centre
Title: World Trade Centre
Description: The Singapore World Trade Centre is home to many organisations and sits below the cable car from the Jardine Steps to Sentosa Island.
Date: November 1986
P.S.A. Towers & Jardine Steps
Title: P.S.A. Towers & Jardine Steps
Description: The cable car station at Jardine Steps, on top of the P.S.A. Towers building, with Mount Faber in the background. The cable car was once hit by a ship carrying a large crane.
Date: November 1986
Fort Siloso, Sentosa
Title:  Fort Siloso, Sentosa
Description: Fort Siloso was originally a British fort and is now a historic attraction on Sentosa.
Date: November 1986
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