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Bannockburn - Robert the Bruce
Title: Bannockburn - Robert the Bruce
Description: Bannockburn is the site of the famous battle between the Scottish army of Robert the Bruce and the English army of King Edward II in 1314. The Scots won the battle and this collection of monuments and exhibitions is presented by the National Trust for Scotland. This is Braveheart country and the statue shows Robert the Bruce on his mount.
Date: July 1982
Bannockburn - Memorial
Title: Bannockburn - Memorial
Description: This view shows one of the memorials to the soldiers killed in the battle.
Date: July 1982
Bannockburn - Memorial Text
Title: Bannockburn - Memorial Text
Description: A close up of the text on the memorial cairn.
Date: May 2008
Bannockburn - Rotunda
Title: Bannockburn - Rotunda
Description: The memorials sit within this rotunda which includes the Scottish flag on a large pole.
Date: May 2008
Bannockburn - Statue
Title: Bannockburn - Statue
Description: This view of the statue shows how modern housing is encroaching on the battlefield, although the exact location of the battle is unclear.
Date: May 2008
Bannockburn - Heritage Centre
Title: Bannockburn - Heritage Centre
Description: The National Trust for Scotland Heritage Centre includes video reconstructions on the battle.
Date: May 2008
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