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Title: Killiecrankie
Description: Killiecrankie is famous for the Soldier's Leap where, during a battle between Bonnie Dundee and government forces in 1689 (which Bonnie Dundee won), a soldier who was being chased into this wooded valley made a giant leap across the gorge at the Pass of Killiecrankie. The pass is maintained by the National Trust for Scotland.
Date: July 1981
Killiecrankie - Soldier's Leap
Title: Killiecrankie - Soldier's Leap
Description: This is the spot where the spectacular leap is said to have taken place!
Date: July 1981
Killiecrankie - The Gorge
Title: Killiecrankie - The Gorge
Description: This view shows one side of the Pass of Killiecrankie. The narrow pass also provides the route for the River Tummel, main road and the Perth to Inverness railway.
Date: July 1981
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