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Newliston House
Title: Newliston House
Description: Newliston House was built by Robert Adam and is open during the summer on Sundays. The extensive grounds feature wooded areas, a water garden and sometimes a steam model railway.
Date: May 2009
Newliston House - Almond Viaduct
Title: Newliston House - Almond Viaduct
Description: The house also offers views of the Almond viaduct on the main Edinburgh - Glasgow railway line at the end of the garden! This view shows a ScotRail Class 170 crossing the viaduct.
Date: May 2009
Newliston House - North Elevation
Title: Newliston House - North Elevation
Description: The north elevation of Newliston House offers a tidy and well-kept view after visitors leave the surrounding woodlands.
Date: May 2009
Newliston House - Woodland Walk
Title: Newliston House - Woodland Walk
Description: The surrounding grounds include many types of areas to explore. Here, the tree lined walks head west from the house.
Date: May 2009
Newliston House - Doocot
Title: Newliston House - Doocot
Description: Just south of the main house is the original Doocot with holiday homes in the woods to the rear.
Date: May 2009
Newliston House - Eastern Woods
Title: Newliston House - Eastern Woods
Description: Between the house and the doocot sits the eastern woods with its classical statues and wooded glades. The entrance is down these steps from the house.
Date: May 2009
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