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New Lanark
Title: New Lanark
Description: New Lanark is a World Heritage Site and was built in the 18th century as a Mill community in this scenic part of the Clyde valley. Totally self-contained, it pioneered health care and education for its workers and was managed by the visionary Robert Owen for 25 years. Today the Mill buildings house impressive visitor attractions such as the New Millennium Experience ride and a theatre show featuring a ghost! You can even stay here as one of the buildings houses a hotel.
Date: July 1992
New Lanark - Clyde View
Title: New Lanark - Clyde View
Description: This view shows the Falls of Clyde as the river passes the Mill buildings.
Date: July 1992
New Lanark - Accommodation
Title: New Lanark - Accommodation
Description: The Mill provided an impressive range accommodation types for its time. Here are some of the workers houses.
Date: July 1992
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