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Ruthven Barracks
Title: Ruthven Barracks
Description: Ruthven Barracks sits on a natural mound alongside the main north/south road in the highlands - now the A9 - and was radically rebuilt by the government after the Jacobite uprisings. The buildings seen today were completed in 1721 on the remains of earlier forts and castles. The barracks are located near Newtonmore at a strategic central point in the transport network of the highlands and are floodlit at night.
Date: September 2008
Ruthven Barracks - Troop Accommodation
Title: Ruthven Barracks - Troop Accommodation
Description: The barracks contains two blocks for the troops with up to 120 men being stationed at any one time. This view shows one of the main blocks.
Date: September 2008
Ruthven Barracks - Stables
Title: Ruthven Barracks - Stables
Description: Stables were added for horses which became more important as the road network was improved - a key feature in the governments plans to crush the Jacobite movement.
Date: September 2008
Ruthven Barracks - Entrance
Title: Ruthven Barracks - Entrance
Description: This view shows the main entrance at the top of the mound. The barrack blocks can be seen behind the enclosing wall.
Date: September 2008
Ruthven Barracks - Outer Walls
Title: Ruthven Barracks - Outer Walls
Description: The outer walls are mostly intact on the northern side. The scale of the building can be clearly seen in this view looking towards Newtonmore showing the defences.
Date: September 2008
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