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John O' Groats - Harbour
Title: John O' Groats - Harbour
Description: John O' Groats is almost the furthest north in mainland Scotland and is the end of the main road network. It's famous for the many long-distance walkers who travel from John O' Groats to Land's End in Cornwall, a distance of 874 miles. Amongst the attractions are the famous octagonal house, a restaurant, selection of tourist shops and a 45 minute passenger ferry, with connecting bus tours, to Orkney. Its odd name is due to a Dutchman, Jan de Groot, who arrived in 1496 and built his house by the coast when starting his ferry business to Orkney.
Date: July 1994
John O' Groats Hotel
Title: John O' Groats Hotel
Description: The John O' Groats House Hotel offers a rest for the weary walkers before they start the long trek south from the signpost.
Date: July 1994
First & Last Shop in Scotland
Title: First & Last Shop in Scotland
Description: There had to be one, so here is the First & Last Shop in Scotland.
Date: July 1994
Land's End
Title: Land's End
Description: At the other end of the 874 mile walk is Land's End in Cornwall. Just to show we've been to both here's a picture from the far south west!
Date: August 1996
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