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Culloden - Leanach Cottage
Title: Culloden - Leanach Cottage
Description: Culloden is the famous battlefield near Inverness where, on the 16th April 1746, the last major battle on British soil was fought between Bonnie Prince Charlie's army and Government forces led by the Duke of Cumberland. The defeat of Charlie's men marked the end of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 whose aims were to restore the Stuart dynasty to the British throne. The battle only lasted an hour but 1,200 were killed and the effects altered the Highland way of life forever. Leanach Cottage, which was located in the centre of the battle, survives to this day. Owned by the National Trust for Scotland.
Date: July 1988
Culloden - Memorial Cairn
Title: Culloden - Memorial Cairn
Description: This view shows the Memorial Cairn with the battlefield beyond.
Date: July 1988
Culloden - Memorial
Title: Culloden - Memorial
Description: The text inscribed on the Memorial Cairn.
Date: July 1988
Culloden - Killing Fields
Title: Culloden - Killing Fields
Description: This view shows some of the preserved fields where the battle was fought. At this point stood Campbell's 21st Royal North British Fusiliers with their cannons.
Date: July 1988
Culloden - New Visitor Centre
Title: Culloden - New Visitor Centre
Description: The National Trust opened a new visitor centre in 2008 with a new state of the art interactive exhibition. This view shows the main entrance. There is also a viewing gallery on the roof for an overview of the battlefield. The wall to the right contains the names of all the clans involved in the battle.
Date: September 2008
Culloden - Battlefield View
Title: Culloden - Battlefield View
Description: This view from the new visitor centre roof shows the memorial cairn, the boggy fields and the forests and mountains in the distance. The flags indicate the positions of the armies. Guided battlefield tours are very popular.
Date: September 2008
Culloden - Battle Line
Title: Culloden - Battle Line
Description: The flags show the positions of the opposing armies.
Date: September 2008
Culloden - The Bog
Title: Culloden - The Bog
Description: Taken from ground level, this view shows the watery bog in which the battle was fought.
Date: September 2008
Culloden - Clans Macgillivary, Maclean, Maclachlan, Athol Highlanders Culloden - The Field of the English Culloden - Well of the Dead
Culloden - Clan Stewart Culloden - Clan Cameron Culloden - Clan Macgillivary
Culloden - Clan Mackintosh Culloden - Mixed Clans Culloden - Clan Fraser
Title: Culloden - The Memorial Stones
Description: A selection of the memorial stones which have been placed around the battlefield.
Date: September 2008
Culloden - Clava Cairns
Title: Culloden - Clava Cairns
Description: Clava Cairns is an important historical site dating from the Bronze Age. It consists of two chambered cairns and a ring cairn surrounded by circles of stones. Owned by Historic Scotland and a short walk from Culloden battlefield.
Date: July 1988
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