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River Clyde - S.E.C.C.
Title: River Clyde - S.E.C.C.
Description: The River Clyde in central Glasgow from the Science Centre. The river passes the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (S.E.C.C.), Moat House, Armadillo and the Clydeport crane.
Date: September 2004
River Clyde - Shipbuilding
Title: River Clyde - Shipbuilding
Description: To the west of the S.E.C.C. lies the remains of the once vast shipbuilding industry. Most of the old docks have been converted to luxury apartments. Here we see a Navy destroyer being built opposite the new flats.
Date: June 2008
River Clyde - View East
Title: River Clyde - View East
Description: This view from the ship yards shows (from left to right) the Tall Ship and Armadillo, Hotel, Clyde Bridge, the new BBC studios and the Science Centre withs its iconic tower.
Date: June 2008
River Clyde - Luxury Apartments
Title: River Clyde - Luxury Apartments
Description: A view of some of the luxury apartments being built along the Clyde riverfront.
Date: June 2008
River Clyde - Sea Plane
Title: River Clyde - Sea Plane
Description: A more recent use of the river has been as a runway for the sea plane service from Glasgow to Oban and other west coast destinations. An air traffic 'dingy' operates in front of the plane to warn other river users.
Date: June 2008
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