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West Wemyss
Title: West Wemyss
Description: Wemyss is split between two villages, East Wemyss and West Wemyss. West Wemyss is a small fishing village on the Fife coastal path, just north of Dysart whilst East Wemyss is associated more with coal mining and is more inland. This view shows West Wemyss on the Fife coast.
Date: April 2004
West Wemyss Church
Title: West Wemyss Church
Description: This view shows the little church of West Wemyss at the northern edge of the village.
Date: April 2004
Wemyss Castle
Title: Wemyss Castle
Description: Wemyss Castle sits high on the cliff between the villages of West and East Wemyss and was built in 1421 and restored in the 1950s. Mary, Queen of Scots first met Lord Darnley here in 1565. It is still used as a private residence.
Date: April 2004
Wemyss Caves
Title: Wemyss Caves
Description: Wemyss Caves are famous for the Pictish art dating from the 1st millennium AD and although too dangerous to visit inside, guided tours are available on special open-days. They are located right on the beach at East Wemyss and are formed of sandstone which is at the mercy of the sea. The cave shown is called Doo Cave, so-named because it was used as to keep pigeons. For more information visit The Wemyss Ancient Caves Society.
Date: April 2004
Wemyss - Macduff's Castle
Title: Wemyss - Macduff's Castle
Description: Macduff's Castle sits above the Wemyss caves but only a small tower remains.
Date: July 1982
Wemyss - Coal Mine
Title: Wemyss - Coal Mine
Description: Just along the coast from the Wemyss caves there used to be coal mining as can be seen here. Sadly, all gone today.
Date: July 1982
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