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Kirkcaldy Badge
Town House
Title: Town House
Description: Kirkcaldys Town House was built in the 1950s with the Town Square in front. Farmers Markets are held here each month.
Date: May 2005
Town House - Provost's Lamps
Title: Town House - Provost's Lamps
Description: The Provost's Lamps comprise the six lamps of the burghs which joined together in 1975 to form Kirkcaldy District. Across the road is the old Post Office.
Date: May 2005
Town House - Town Square
Title: Town House - Town Square
Description: The Town Square also features floral displays.
Date: May 2005
Town House - Spring View
Title: Town House - Spring View
Description: The rear of the Town House in spring.
Date: April 2007
Town House - Official Door
Title: Town House - Official Door
Description: This view shows the Kirkcaldy coat of arms above the rear door. This is used for formal occasions.
Date: April 2007
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