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Museum, Art Gallery and Central Library
Title: Museum, Art Gallery and Central Library
Description: Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery hosts regularly changing travelling exhibitions as well as showing many items from local collections including Wemyss Ware. Famous artworks include a major collection from the "Glasgow Boys" and selections from local artist Jack Vettriano. The memorial gardens are home to the war memorials to both world wars and beyond (see below). The central library occupies the part of the building to the bottom right. Click here to see whats on.
Date: February 2005
Kirkcaldy War Memorials
Title: Kirkcaldy War Memorials
Description: The Kirkcaldy War Memorials are situated in their own gardens in front of the Art Gallery. The memorial to the Great War (1914-18) forms the central block of names while a memorial to Word War II (1939-45) is shown to the right.
Date: April 2008
Memorial Gardens
Title: Memorial Gardens
Description: The Memorial Gardens feature this tree lined walk alongside flower beds with changing dislays througout the year. A sundial on a stone pillar is the central feature of the walk which leads from the Railway Station to the Town House. Recently some trees have been removed due to disease.
Date: April 2008
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