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Links Market
Title: Links Market
Description: Kirkcaldy Links Market is the largest travelling fair in Europe and has been visiting the town each April for over 700 years. The market is named after its original location on the parallel Links Street which is now far too small for the number of visitors.

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Date: April 2005
Links Market - Up High
Title: Links Market - Up High
Description: One of the newer attractions takes intrepid market goers on a whirlwind ride up in the air.
Date: April 2011
Links Market - Giant Wheel
Title: Links Market - Giant Wheel
Description: In 2004 a Giant Wheel appeared at the Links Market which took a week to construct. It was the largest travelling wheel in the world at the time. 2004 also marked the 700th anniversary of the market with record crowds - although the weather was slightly dull!
Date: April 2004
Links Market - Stormy Day
Title: Links Market - Stormy Day
Description: Being April in Scotland, some days are slightly windy. This is the Links Market under attack from the elements in 2008.
Date: April 2008
Links Market - Big Wheel
Title: Links Market - Big Wheel
Description: The Big Wheel again.....different every year!
Date: April 2001
Links Market - American Football?
Title: Links Market - American Football?
Description: An exciting ride from 2000.
Date: April 2000
Links Market - Krasy Cottage
Title: Links Market - Krasy Cottage
Description: The Krasy Cottage and Tea Cups are always popular with the younger visitors.
Date: April 2000
Links Market - Flying Carpet
Title: Links Market - Flying Carpet
Description: This view shows the very nasty Flying Carpet ride, obviously from Germany!
Date: April 1987
Links Market - Crowded Streets
Title: Links Market - Crowded Streets
Description: A general view of the crowds passing between the two Big Wheels.
Date: April 1987
Links Market - Outer Limits
Title: Links Market - Outer Limits
Description: The Big Wheel and Outer Limits fright show from 1987.
Date: April 1987
Links Market - Night Wheel
Title: Links Market - Night Wheel
Description: This view shows another Big Wheel, this time at night.
Date: April 1984
Links Market - Supersonic Skyliner
Title: Links Market - Supersonic Skyliner
Description: The Supersonic Skyliner ride - do people really go up in these?
Date: April 1984
Links Market - Bombers
Title: Links Market - Bombers
Description: The famous Bombers are still going strong today although you no longer get enclosed!
Date: April 1984
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