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Aberdour Castle
Title: Aberdour Castle
Description: Aberdour Castle comprises a 14th century tower, terraced garden and doocot. It is owned by Historic Scotland. Once the residence of James Douglas, the 4th Earl of Morton, one of the 'Black' Douglases who was executed in 1581.
Date: April 2000
Aberdour Castle - Terraces
Title: Aberdour Castle - Terraces
Description: The terrace garden was being restored at the time of this picture. Also shown is the traditional doocot, on the right.
Date: April 2000
Aberdour Castle - Sundial
Title: Aberdour Castle - Sundial
Description: This view shows the castle sundial.
Date: April 2000
Aberdour Church
Title: Aberdour Church
Description: Adjacent to the castle is Aberdour Church with its small graveyard.
Date: April 2000
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