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Royal Mile - Lawn Market
Title: Royal Mile - Lawn Market
Description: The Royal Mile links Edinburgh Castle with Holyrood Palace, the Queens official residence and consists of a selection of streets such as the Lawn Market, High Street and the Canongate. This view shows the Lawn Market looking towards the castle:
  • The domed building on the roof in the centre of the picture is the famous Camera Obscura.
  • Just to the left of the red telephone boxes is the National Trust for Scotlands Gladstone's Land which was built in 1620. Visit to see the typical Old Town building with its original painted ceilings and refurbished rooms.
Date: April 2004
Royal Mile - High Street
Title: Royal Mile - High Street
Description: John Knox's house mid-way down the Royal Mile. Knox lived from 1505-1572 and became an enemy of the Roman Catholic Church after his close friend George Wiseheart was burned at the stake by the Church.
Date: September 2001
Royal Mile - View from the Castle
Title: Royal Mile - View from the Castle
Description: A view of the route taken by the massed pipe bands as they leave the Edinburgh Military Tattoo each evening. This shows the Camera Obscura (the white tower) on the left and Tolbooth Kirk (The Hub) on the right.
Date: August 2007
Royal Mile - The Piper
Title: Royal Mile - The Piper
Description: The Royal Mile is also famous for street entertainment such as the typical Scottish Piper shown here agaist an endangered species - the red telephone box!
Date: August 2007
Royal Mile - Tolbooth Kirk
Title: Royal Mile - Tolbooth Kirk
Description: At the north end of the Royal Mile is the imposing Tolbooth Kirk which is now The Hub (since 1984) and a key part of the Edinburgh Festival. It was built between 1842-1844 by Augustus Pugin and James Gillespie Graham and originally was home to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. The spire is 74m (240ft) and the highest in Edinburgh.
Date: August 2007
Royal Mile - Ramsey Gardens
Title: Royal Mile - Ramsey Gardens
Description: Just off the Royal Mile near the Castle is the exclusive area of houses in Ramsey Gardens.
Date: September 2001
Royal Mile - St Giles Cathedral
Title: Royal Mile - St Giles Cathedral
Description: St Giles Cathedral is situated on the High Street and was founded in the 1100s. The spire is visible from all over the city and has done so for more than 500 years. Many memorials of famous Scots can be found within its walls.
Date: June 1987
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