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Desperate Dan
Title: Desperate Dan
Description: The statue of Desperate Dan, from the comic strip The Dandy, is well sited in the centre of Dundee's shopping areas. He is shown striding out with his faithful pet dog, named Dawg, and being followed by the catapault-wielding Minnie the Minx. The statue was erected in July 2001 with Dan himself first devised in 1937.
Date: September 2001
Minnie the Minx
Title: Minnie the Minx
Description: A closer view of Minnie the Minx from The Beano.
Date: April 2011
Title: Dawg
Description: All eyes are on Dan's dog, Dawg.
Date: April 2011
Shopping Streets
Title: Shopping Streets
Description: Can you spot Desperate Dan amongst the shoppers?
Date: April 2007
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