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Tay Bridges - Road Bridge
Title: Tay Bridges - Road Bridge
Description: The Tay Road Bridge was opened in 1966 and links Dundee with the north Fife town of Newport. It is 1.4 miles long and sits 32 feet above the water level.
Date: March 1988
Tay Bridges - Railway Bridge
Title: Tay Bridges - Railway Bridge
Description: The present Tay Railway Bridge was opened in 1887 after the original bridge (opened 1878) was destroyed by a fierce storm in 1879. Nearly 100 people died as the bridge collapsed whilst a train was crossing. The stumps of the piers of the first bridge can still be seen today. It is the longest railway bridge in Britain with a length of 2.25 miles and carries the main east coast railway from Edinburgh to Aberdeen. The reason that the river is called the 'Silvery Tay' can also be clearly seen.
Date: March 1988
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