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Port Logan
Title: Port Logan
Description: Port Logan is a small village with an attractive harbour and lighthouse. This view is taken from the south of the village.
Date: August 2006
Port Logan - Lighthouse
Title: Port Logan - Lighthouse
Description: This fine lighthouse dominates the small harbour.
Date: August 2006
Port Logan - Harbour
Title: Port Logan - Harbour
Description: This view shows the harbour from the centre of the village. On the opposite coast can be found the Logan Fish Pond.
Date: August 2006
Port Logan - Panorama
Title: Port Logan - Panorama
Description: This panoramic view shows the lighthouse, harbour and the beach. There are extensive sands all around the bay used by holidaymakers and horse riders.
Date: August 2006
Port Logan - Rocky Cliffs
Title: Port Logan - Rocky Cliffs
Description: The coast to the north and south of Port Logan is very rocky due to the constant beatings from Irish Sea storms.
Date: August 2006
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