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Traquair House
Title: Traquair House
Description: Traquair House, in Innerleithen, is owned by the decendants of the Earls of Traquair and is the oldest inhabited house in Scotland. Originally built as a castle by the kings of Scotland, Mary, Queen of Scots visited the house in 1566. It even has its own brewery which produces Bear Ale.
Date: March 1991
Traquair House - Bear Gates
Title: Traquair House - Bear Gates
Description: Traquair House is famous for the Bear Gates which show two carved stone bears holding the family coat of arms. They are not to be opened until the Stuarts are restored to the Scottish throne and were closed in 1745 when Prince Charles Edward Stuart, the Jacobite leader, left after visiting the house.
Date: March 1991
Traquair House - Rear View
Title: Traquair House - Rear View
Description: This view shows the rear of the house with the gardens and brewery nearby.
Date: March 1991
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