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Dryburgh Abbey
Title: Dryburgh Abbey
Description: Dryburgh Abbey is situated near St Boswells in the Borders by the River Tweed. The Abbey is in its present state due to multiple fires and attacks during battle. However, it is still an inspiring place to visit with buildings dating from the 12th and 13th centuries. Sir Walter Scott and Field Marshall Earl Haig are buried here. It is owned by Historic Scotland.
Date: August 1997
Dryburgh Abbey - Nave
Title: Dryburgh Abbey - Nave
Description: This view shows the remains of the impressive Abbey nave.
Date: August 1997
Dryburgh Abbey - Overview
Title: Dryburgh Abbey - Overview
Description: The Abbey comprises many buildings, some with window frames. Across the stream lies the abbot house.
Date: August 1997
Dryburgh Abbey - Stones
Title: Dryburgh Abbey - Stones
Description: One of the interesting memorial stones in the grounds of the Abbey.
Date: August 1997
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