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Title: Oban
Description: This view of Oban shows the harbour, McCaig's Tower up on the hill and the railway station.
Date: July 1990
Oban - McCaig's Tower
Title: Oban - McCaig's Tower
Description: McCaig's Tower (or folly) was built in 1897 as a job creation scheme organised by the local banker to aid unemployment in the town.
Date: July 1990
Oban - Ferry from McCaig's Tower
Title: Oban - Ferry from McCaig's Tower
Description: There are fine views from McCaig's Tower including this view of the Isle of Mull ferry returning to port.
Date: July 1990
Oban - From McCaig's Tower
Title: Oban - From McCaig's Tower
Description: This view of Oban, looking south from McCaig's Tower, shows the railway station and harbour area.
Date: July 1990
Oban - From the Bay
Title: Oban - From the Bay
Description: This is the classic view of Oban, from a ship in the bay.
Date: July 1990
Oban - Mull Ferry
Title: Oban - Mull Ferry
Description: The Mull ferry arrives at Oban.
Date: July 1990
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