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Fyvie Castle
Title: Fyvie Castle
Description: Fyvie Castle has been continually developed since 1390. The five towers of Fyvie are the subject of one of the many legends and ghost stories surrounding the castle. Legend has it that each tower was built by a different local family to create the castle we see today. The castle includes many fine interiors including one of the best wheel stairs in Scotland. Owned by the National Trust for Scotland.
Date: July 1990
Fyvie Castle - Close up
Title: Fyvie Castle - Close up
Description: This view shows the central tower of Fyvie Castle.
Date: July 1990
Fyvie Castle - Clock Tower
Title: Fyvie Castle - Clock Tower
Description: The fine clock tower and coat of arms of the five families can be clearly seen in this picture.
Date: July 1990
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