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Casa Loma: East Tower
Title: Casa Loma: East Tower
Description: Casa Loma, just north of downtown Toronto, was completed in 1914 and built by the architect E.J.Lennox. The owner was financier Sir Henry Pellatt who only lived in the castle for 10 years due to financial ruin. Casa Loma is Spanish for 'House on the Hill' and comprises 98 rooms with two major towers. This view shows the gardens and east tower, which was built to a Scottish design.
Date: September 2005
Casa Loma: Gardens
Title: Casa Loma: Garden
Description: This view of the gardens also shows the west tower, built to a Norman design. The gardens cover a wide area and include grand fountains, sculptures and eight themed areas from rose gardens to woodland.
Date: September 2005
Casa Loma: View from West Tower
Title: Casa Loma: View from West Tower
Description: A fine view of Toronto and the CN Tower is available by climbing the west tower.
Date: September 2005
Casa Loma: The Library
Title: Casa Loma: The Library
Description: Inside the castle there are many fine rooms such as the Library, shown here. The plaster ceiling includes the family coat of arms and portrait busts of the family.
Date: September 2005
Casa Loma: Entrance
Title: Casa Loma: Entrance
Description: This view shows the north side of the castle and the main entrance which leads into the 60 foot high Great Hall.
Date: September 2005
Casa Loma: Conservatory
Title: Casa Loma: Conservatory
Description: The Conservatory is based on an Italian design and includes bronze and glass doors and fine stained-glass windows. A swimming pool was partially built under the floor but never completed.
Date: September 2005
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