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Title: Fleamarket
Description: St. Jacobs is famous for its farmers markets where people travel long distances to buy locally grown produce.
Date: September 2005
Maple Syrup Stall
Title: Maple Syrup Stall
Description: St. Jacobs and the surrounding area are also home to the Old Order Mennonite people who travel in their distinctive horse and buggies. Many Mennonites buy and sell at the market.
Date: September 2005
Mennonite Horse and Buggy
Title: Mennonite Horse and Buggy
Description: Natuarly, the market has a car park and stable for visiting horses.
Date: September 2005
Horse Rides
Title: Horse Rides
Description: It's not all buying and selling at the market. Here are traditional horse rides for the youngsters. St. Jacobs also has a large factory outlet store which can be seen in the background.
Date: September 2005
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