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Niagara Falls
Title: Niagara Falls
Description: This view from the town of Niagara Falls shows the American (on the left) and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. The main hotel and Casino areas on the Canadian side can be seen at the top right. Tourist information can be found here.
Date: August 2005
American and Horseshoe Falls
Title: American and Horseshoe Falls
Description: The American Falls has the greater drop of the two, however over 90% of the water flows over the Horseshoe Falls with its greater width and curves. The island between the two major Falls is Goat Island which is nearly always covered in spray. This can only be accessed from the American side. The flow of the river is controlled by the hydro-electric plants on either side of the Falls. This provides electricity and slows the rate of erosion.
Date: August 2005

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