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Sheraton Hotel
Title: Sheraton Hotel
Description: Niagara Falls sits on the Niagara River between the great lakes Erie and Ontario. It caters for every taste from the stunning natural wonder of the Falls themselves to the amusement arcades and hotels of the Clifton Hill area. At the northern end of the Niagara River, where it meets Lake Ontario, the pretty town of Niagara-on-the-Lake can be found, along with historic Fort George. This view shows the Sheraton hotel overlooking the Falls.
Date: August 2005
Rock Legends Wax Museum
Title: Rock Legends Wax Museum
Description: The Rock Legends Wax Museum is typical of the Niagara Falls amusement attractions.
Date: August 2005
Falls Avenue
Title: Falls Avenue
Description: The main street offers fine views of the American Falls as visitors make their way past the amusements towards the flowing river.
Date: August 2005
Planet Hollywood
Title: Planet Hollywood
Description: No tourist town is complete without a Planet Hollywood.
Date: August 2005
Rainforest Cafe
Title: Rainforest Cafe
Description: This rainforest even has its own steamy atmosphere.
Date: August 2005
King Kong
Title: King Kong
Description: King Kong has moved north from New York and attacked this Canadian building!
Date: August 2005
Elvis in Stone
Title: Elvis in Stone
Description: This golden Elvis wakes up when visitors approach.
Date: August 2005
Burger King
Title: Burger King
Description: This Burger King is surrounded by a large castle and monster!
Date: August 2005
Balloon Ride
Title: Balloon Ride
Description: Balloon Rides are also available to get a spectacular view of the Falls.
Date: August 2005
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